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Do you have debts that are attracting a high interest rate? Are you carrying a balance on your credit card? You may be surprised to learn how quickly and easily you can improve your monthly cash flow and achieve mortgage freedom by using the equity in your home to consolidate your debts. Even if there are penalties to consider, moving your debts to a lower interest vehicle can make a big difference. Call or email and let's crunch some numbers.  As your local Mortgage Broker, Isaac's approach differs from a typical mortgage brokerage in a few key ways. Our team approach with mortgage brokers and mortgage agents across Ontario means we have broad reach and extensive experience on which to draw, with a training program that ensures our collective knowledge is shared and constantly updated. We are also able to rely on a skilled support team that's fast and efficient. But as individual experts in our local markets, we are motivated to offer a caring approach - to listen to your needs, and deliver service with a 'wow' factor using our local connections.  

Isaac lives with his wife, Julie and two young children in Paris, Ontario - "Canada's Prettiest Little Town". With a passion for the area, he has developed a deep understanding of both the mortgage landscape and the real estate market throughout Brant County, including Brantford.

Getting a mortgage for a new construction home can be a challenging and complex undertaking. There is greater risk for the lender in these situations, with the possibility that something will happen to derail the process, leaving the lender with an asset that's not worth its anticipated value. There will be a greater need for ongoing communication with your lender throughout the build; being organized and responsive will be critical for a successful conclusion. If you're planning to build a home, make sure your construction mortgage has flexibility in all the right places, but not at too high a cost. Call us for mortgage advice.  Real estate in Southwestern Ontario has been a particularly attractive investment vehicle for the past decade or more. Even small residential properties are proving to be a great way to build wealth. And while investment properties are accessible to many, extracting their full potential can require working with mortgage lenders to find unique solutions for each particular portfolio. With Isaac's extensive experience in this area, he can help you access the right mortgage product for your needs.  

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We work with you, and with the banks and other lenders, to find the right mortgage product for YOUR individual situation. We take the time to listen and learn about your unique needs, and then we do the shopping for you. We filter hundreds of mortgage products to find the best rate and the best terms for YOU.

If you're getting ready to purchase your first home... you've got a downpayment set aside and you're starting to browse the listings... take a moment first to get pre-approved for a mortgage. There's no cost at all, and it will be very helpful for both you and your real estate agent to have confidence in your budget, and your locked-in interest rate.  If you're launching or expanding a small business, the equity in your home may provide a source of financing either through a home equity line of credit or a second mortgage. Because the mortgage lender on a second takes a back seat to the primary lender in the case of default, it's a riskier agreement that commands a higher interest rate. But with the negotiating strength of The Mortgage Wellness Group's 40 agents in your corner, you can access the best rate and the best terms possible to reach your financial goals.  

The Mortgage Wellness Group offers the benefits of the shared knowledge of a large team (over 60 mortgage specialists in 9 locations across Ontario) combined with the individual attention of your local expert, Isaac Rosebrugh. The most important thing to know about our service is that we don't work for the banks, or the lenders. We work for you.

Call 519-754-6611 or email for the best rates, mortgage advice and a FAST mortgage pre-approval! Serving the County of Brant (including Brantford, Paris, St. George), Norfolk County (including Simcoe), Ayr and Hamilton Ontario Canada.